Individual and Small Group Health Insurance Market Data for Health Plans, Hospital Accountable Care Organizations and Industry Analysts

Health Insurance Exchange Integration

The Exchange landscape is growing. Formation of a myriad of public and private insurance Exchanges is underway leaving a large integration ahead of you. Simplify the integration problem and connect to many Exchanges with a single connection. IntegrateOnce™ with Oxlo.

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Simplified Health Insurance Exchange Integration
IntegrateOnce™ – One Connection Many Exchanges

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Health Plans Need to Position Their Business

CEOs of Health Plans need to position their business in response to new MLR requirements. It used to be that you could offset the “bad years” with the “good years”. Not anymore.

Obtain and Retain New Health Plan Subscribers

You must embrace and execute sound forward-thinking consumer centric marketing strategies.

Meet Needs of Federal & State Exchanges

Position Your Business to Easily Support The Requirements and Integration Needs of Federal & State Exchanges.

Dedication to Reduction of Health Care Costs

To encourage patients and payers to buy health care products, ACOs will need to prove that the overall health care product they’re creating works better and costs less than competing products.

Accountable Care Organizations

Hospitals and other providers are obtaining more “critical mass” and their network footprints are growing via mergers and provider consolidations, intending to reach ever broader geographic markets. Competitive insurance plan information is essential to managing these aggressive strategies.

The race for hospitals to form ACO’s will cause a cascading effect on the market, where ACO’s (as they evolve) will clearly be positioned to compete with health insurance carriers for Commercial Small Group as well as individual subscribers. Alternatively, ACO’s may work collaboratively with existing health insurance providers, creating united contracting and risk funding organizations. Either way, the new challenge for each of these hybrid models will be real time market insight and competitive pricing precision.

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