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How Can Health Insurance Exchanges be Beneficial?

In an effort to reform the existing healthcare problems that exist in the United States, President Obama, along with a number of democrat and some republican lawmakers, came together to create the Affordable Care Act. Although this act is being debated and contested by many opponents, there currently exist many new programs that allow for healthcare benefits. One of those programs is referred to as a health insurance exchange. While it is new, there are several ways that health insurance exchanges can be beneficial. Continue reading

Health Insurance Exchanges Centerpiece To 2010 Affordable Care Act

Health Insurance Exchanges are the centerpiece of the private health insurance reforms of the 2010 Affordable Care Act. Through state-based Exchanges, federally-facilitated Exchanges, and Federal-State Partnership Exchanges, individuals and small employers may shop for, select, and enroll in private sector health plans known as Qualified Health Plans (QHPs). Exchanges are expected to create substantial new markets for private-sector health insurance carriers, with an estimated 27-30 million people gaining coverage through Exchanges by 2019. Continue reading

Accountable Care Organizations Need Competitive Data to Compete

Accountable Care Organizations

Oxlo Healthcare Insurance Solutions provides vital market intelligence for anyone contemplating an Accountable Care Organization, including Multi-provider Networks, Payer Collaborations, and Integrated Delivery Systems (IDS).

The customary distinction between Health Plan payers and the Health Care providers is changing. Providers are forming new risk taking relationships, including networks among competing providers, as well affiliations with Insurers. Growing networks of Hospitals across the country are unveiling plans to get into the health insurance business outright. The first target markets are direct employer contracting and small group insurance as small employers are struggling with the burden of rising premiums. Continue reading